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2018 Academic Excellence: Undergraduate Awards

The 2018 winners in the undergraduate category are excelling in their chosen fields of study and immersing themselves in the many opportunities life in Adelaide provides. We invited them to share their stories.

Winner: Chieh Nicholas Loh from Singapore

Studying: Bachelor of Clinical Sciences, Doctor of Medicine at Flinders University

Mixing medicine with music

Nicholas has only been in Adelaide for a short time, but he has already become a valued member of his university, both academically and socially. He has achieved a perfect 7.0 GPA in his first semester and has participated in Flinders University Singapore Students’ Association events like the Singapore National Day Celebrations where he played the piano. Nicholas loves the structure of science and the joy of music, and he’s loving being able to continue with both in Adelaide.

What inspired you to study medicine?

I chose medicine because it’s intellectually stimulating, and is likely to be an incredibly fulfilling journey. I like the idea that I will be able to put my acquired knowledge into practice in the future by helping people with their health concerns. Medicine is both a science and an art that requires practitioners to learn copious amounts of information about the human body, but also needs them to be able to communicate that information to treat people effectively. Upon graduation, I would like to work in Singapore where I can be part of the solution to provide affordable health care to my fellow Singaporeans.

Why did you choose Adelaide as your study destination?

My dad had been to Adelaide before, so I knew a little bit about the city. I did consider Sydney and Melbourne, but the course tuition and living fees in Adelaide much lower than other cities, so I chose to come here. Adelaide is a suitable destination and offers a very safe environment which is conducive for studying. Having completed one semester, I must say my experience here has been highly meaningful and pleasant.

Tell us about your love for music.

Before I came to Australia, I was a member of the string ensemble at my school, so I am pleased to be continuing my music in Adelaide. I enjoyed playing the piano at the Singapore National Day Celebration event earlier this year. Music is a great joy, and I am confident that such public performances would help to raise people’s spirits.

Highly Commended: Tuan Huynh Minh Tran from Vietnam

Studying: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)(Petroleum) at the University of Adelaide

Huynh says his experience has considerably improved his cultural intelligence and broadened his social and professional networks. Since arriving in South Australia, he’s excelled academically maintaining a high GPA and winning several student prizes for best performance. After he graduates, Huynh wants to travel around the world working with people from multicultural backgrounds to plan and execute oil and gas industry projects.

Outside the classroom, Huynh has contributed to the university community as the Club President of the Adelaide University Vietnamese Students Association and by volunteering for several cultural, social and academic events. Huynh says his Adelaide experience has significantly improved his interpersonal skills and prepared him for a successful global career.

Highly Commended: Yong En Soon from Malaysia

Studying: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) at the University of South Australia

 Yong En says her Adelaide experience has broadened her horizons and delivered new and exciting adventures. While enjoying life in Adelaide with road trips to places like Victor Harbor and Second Valley, Yong En has also worked hard to achieve excellent grades, winning the BUPA UniSA International Student Grant and University Merit Awards. Having maintained a high GPA also granted her the opportunity to enter the Honours stream for her program.

Young En has enjoyed her learning experience which combines traditional teaching with laboratory and simulation-based training. She says the support and enthusiasm from her educators have enhanced her motivation to succeed. With her quality industry-focused education, Yong En aspires to be a successful occupational therapist, specialising in the paediatric and aged care sectors.

During her time in Adelaide, Yong En has volunteered at many events such as the university open day, OzAsia Festival and Royal Adelaide Show. As a Study Help Pal, she helps her fellow students find the information and support they need.

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