Student Awards

2018 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Awards

With big ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit, the winners in the entrepreneurship and innovation category are creating places and products for real-world people. We invited them to share their stories.

Winner: Laen Sugi Rante Tandung from Indonesia

Studying: Master of Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Adelaide

Open for business

Since graduating in July 2018, Laen has been busy establishing not one, but two new businesses in her home country, Indonesia. One gives K-pop loving locals an immersive Korean hangout, and the other sells delicious banana bread while providing a low-cost franchise opportunity for like-minded entrepreneurs.

You’ve launched two businesses since graduating, tell us about them.

Red Kimchi is a Halal Korean restaurant which I launched just one month after graduating. The restaurant gives Indonesian K-pop fans the chance to expand their Korean experience through affordable, healthy Korean food. We opened in Makassar, which has a high population of millennials. Red Kimchi is a hangout place for the city’s large K-pop-loving community.

Roti Pisang (Banana Bread) is a food cart franchise. I’m one of the business partners and owner of one of the three outlets which we’ve opened so far. This franchise provides a low-budget opportunity for other entrepreneurs to start a business. We aim to open outlets all over Indonesia using local ingredients in our product.

How did your studies in Adelaide help you to launch your businesses?

Red Kimchi was part of my compulsory final project. I developed the business while studying; working on interviewing entrepreneurs, conducting market research and being mentored by my supervisor, Professor Paul Steffans. My degree has helped me develop my long and short-term business plans and realise my dream of establishing a business soon after graduating

How do you deal with the challenges of running a business?

Every phase has had its issues. For Red Kimchi, I’ve had challenges to do with low budgets and finding the right team, but I overcame those through negotiation and perseverance. My mindset sees challenges not as a problem, but as room for growth. I always keep in mind my goal to create a positive impact on my community through my businesses.

Highly Commended: Daniel Han from Singapore

Studying: Bachelor of Business (Food Entrepreneurship) at Le Cordon Bleu

Continuing with his innovative food concepts which caught the eye of StudyAdelaide in 2017, Daniel has been working with an Australian food manufacturing company to help develop several new products. One of the most innovative is a microwaveable soup-for-one pot which has been designed to allow seeds, nuts or roasted legumes as accompaniments for the soup.

Bringing this product to market involved designing a packaging tub with a lid that could house the accompaniments away from the soup, keeping them dry and crispy. Additionally, the recipe was developed to meet the sodium and sugar level requirements of a 4 Health Star Rating, making it a delicious and healthy ready-meal for busy people.

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