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March 2018

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    It’s Almost Daylight Saving Time!

    What is daylight saving? Every year, on the first Sunday in October when local standard time reaches 2am, most places in Australia change their clocks forward one hour to 3am. This…

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    Let’s go food shopping!

    Adelaide is known for its long stretch of beaches, wineries and most importantly, fresh produce. From the shopping precincts to the thriving restaurant scene, Adelaide is a multicultural mecca. There are…

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    Why Easter is the best time for camping

    Besides loooots of chocolate – and maybe an Easter bunny or two – Easter time can only mean one thing… A four-day holiday! (That should actually read: a four day holiday…

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    Public Transport in Adelaide

    Adelaide has a very basic – but easy to navigate! – transport system. Whether you are hopping on a tram or bike to explore the city or its surrounds; catching a…