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October 2018

  • Student Awards

    2018 International Student Awards

    Our eighth annual International Student Awards were held at the Government House of South Australia today, with students from 10 countries including Nepal, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Brazil being…

  • Student Awards

    2018 Student Event of the Year Awards

    This year’s student event of the year winners organised events that enriched the lives of Adelaide students, both culturally and professionally. Both events were planned and delivered through a collaboration of…

  • Student Awards

    2018 Sporting Excellence Awards

    The winners in the sporting excellence category say sport has helped them build their intelligence, self-esteem, communication and strategic thinking skills. We invited them to share their stories. Winner: Phan Nguyen…

  • Student Awards

    2018 Community Engagement Awards

    The 2018 winners in the community engagement category have all contributed significantly to the Adelaide community through volunteering. Their experiences have given them the chance to learn about new cultures, gain…

  • Student Awards

    2018 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Awards

    With big ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit, the winners in the entrepreneurship and innovation category are creating places and products for real-world people. We invited them to share their stories. Winner:…

  • Student Awards

    2018 Artistic Achievement Awards

    The arts are a universal language that breaks down cultural divides, celebrates diversity and inspires togetherness. This year’s winners in the artistic achievement category have both achieved great success sharing their…