5 Must-Do Day Trips In Adelaide

Getting out and exploring Adelaide with public transport

Public transport in Adelaide can take you to a huge variety of destinations. If you love nature and wildlife, here are five places you can visit using your Adelaide Metrocard recommended by Nhung, one of our 2016 Student Ambassadors.

Adelaide public transport

Adelaide is known as the ’20-minute city’ because most things are no further than 20 minutes away. The Adelaide Metro public transport system includes buses, trains and trams which can take you around the city, and into some tourist destinations (*author disclaimer – some of these things are on the city fringe and travel time will be a bit longer than 20 minutes 😄).

With a 28-day Metrocard, you get unlimited travel, so you won’t be spending extra money on transport fares to get out and about in the Adelaide region. Plus, you get a student concession (yay for discounted tickets!)

1. Cleland Wildlife Park

Visit Cleland Wildlife Park to see one of Australia’s most iconic animals, the kangaroo. They’ll come up to be hand fed and they are adorable (and greedy!). There’s also the option to cuddle a cute koala. Sessions are twice a day and it’s a good way to get close to the koalas (they spend most of their time sleeping in the trees). Every student needs a selfie with a koala so don’t miss out!

How to get there? Bus!
Best time to be there? Around 10am, when the animals are hungry and ready for breakfast!

2. Hahndorf Village and Beerenberg Strawberry Farm

The strawberry farm is just out of the village, so you can visit both on the same trip. Beerenberg is a family-owned strawberry farm where you can pick your own. You will love the sweetness, juiciness and fragrance of the strawberries. Strawberry picking season is usually from November to April.

Hahndorf is Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement. In the shops, you’ll find home-made ice-cream, clothing, crafts and eateries. Wait until you taste the legendary German sausages from the Hahndorf Inn! A favourite is the German Village Shop where you’ll find handmade clocks and German souvenirs.

How to get there? Bus
Best time to be there? Anytime! There is always something for everyone at any time of the day in Hahndorf!

3. Glenelg Beach

Glenelg is the most famous of Adelaide’s white sandy beaches. Take a snack or grab a takeaway or ice-cream from the nearby eateries. You can walk along the jetty, sit on the white sand, have a swim or share the sunset with your friends. The sea breezes soothe the stresses of everyday life.

How to get there? Bus or tram (the tram is a lot easier!)
Best time to be there? Early in the morning in time for sunrise, or just before the sun sets!

4. Morialta Falls Conservation Park

Morialta Falls Conservation Park is a great place for hiking or bushwalking. As you make your way through the landscape, you’ll look out over the city, see the Giant’s Cave and the three waterfalls along Fourth Creek.

Millions of years ago it was covered by sea, then movement in the earth’s crust pushed the rocks up to form the Mount Lofty Ranges. As well as the exciting geological past, you’ll see wildlife in its natural habitat. Look up, you’ll probably see a koala, look down and you might see an echidna!

How to get there? Bus!
Best time to be there? Early in the morning, or early in the evening when you can possibly join up with other hikers.

5. Hallett Cove Conservation Park and Boardwalk

Hallett Cove Conservation Park has got it all! Gorgeous views from the boardwalk, the beach, rock pools and nature, including frogs! It’s a fascinating geological and archaeological site with fossils and formations dating back millions of years. If you want to know more about it take a guided tour.

You can hike, take easy walks, swim and snorkel at the park and it’s also a photographer’s dream. The rock formations including the ‘Sugarloaf’ and the stunning cliffs change colour at sunset. See you there!

How to get there? Bus or train!
Best time to be there? In time for sunrise or sunset!

Over to you…

Have you taken a great day trip from Adelaide? What spots have you visited on public transport?

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