Top 6 things to get settled

Moving to another country can be daunting for new students who are going overseas to study. But it’s exciting too! Our student ambassador Yohanna has been through it all and shares the top six things you will need to sort as soon as you arrive below.

1. SIM Card

When I arrived in Adelaide last year, I chose Vodafone as my telephone provider as I needed a SIM card to connect with everything, especially to access Google Maps to find my way home and to university, as well as checking the timetable for public transport. I also needed an Australian phone number to use when filling out forms with my personal information. StudyAdelaide’s preferred provider, Vodafone, has shops in Rundle Mall – along with other telephone providers such as Telstra and Optus. The staff in store will help you choose the best telephone plan for you based on what you need (e.g. a prepaid or data plan (with or without the mobile phone).

2. Bank Account

It is important to have an Australian bank account to manage your cash flow while you are living in Australia. Again, Rundle Mall is a great place to start, as you can visit an ANZ Bank branch and open your Aussie bank account. Banks will often ask for ‘100 points’ of identification from you; your passport and birth certificate count as 70 points each and your driver’s licence is 40 points. Once you have set up your bank account, don’t forget to get some cash to manage your daily needs while you’re waiting to receive your debit card (bank card).

3. Temporary Accommodation

If you have not settled into a long term accommodation, you can book temporary accommodation with your institution’s accommodation services. Normally you can book in for seven days which gives you enough time to inspect an accommodation that you might like before contracting to rent it long term. If you are new to renting privately, this website will provide you with more information.

4. Student Card (Student ID)

Your student card (or student ID) is a very important card for students during their time studying in Adelaide. With a student card, you will get access to plenty of discounts (including public transport), and more importantly, access to facilities around your institution.

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5. Metrocard

The Metrocard is every student’s best friend. You can ride a bus, train and tram with the same card! You can buy your Metrocard at Adelaide Metro’s InfoCentres or Metrocard agents. You can find your nearest agent online at this website. The website will also help you plan your trips, work out which card is right for you and provide you with updated information about your public transport routes.

6. TFN (Tax File Number)

If you are planning to work part-time while you are studying in Australia, you will need a tax file number (TFN) as you can do apply for one online at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website. You can only apply for a TFN number once you are already in Australia.

That is all from me. I hope my handy tips will be helpful for when you arrive in Adelaide for the first time to start your amazing journey. It won’t be long before you will be settled in and love living in this city as your own home just like me!

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