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Abhishek’s story: achieving life goals in Adelaide

When Abhishek came to Adelaide in 2013, he knew it would be the start of a new life and new opportunities in Australia. Five years later he’s completed two world-class postgraduate degrees and gained permanent residence in the city he calls his second home. We spoke to Abhishek about why he came to Adelaide to study and why he’s chosen to stay permanently.

Name: Abhishek Joshi
Course: Master of Business Administration (International Business) at Flinders University and Master of Professional Accounting at Kaplan Business School
Home country: Nepal

What brought you to South Australia to study?

When I was doing my bachelor’s degree back in Nepal, I knew I wanted to go overseas to study further, and I was really interested in Australia. When I started learning about the different cities, Adelaide popped up as the best city for education, and it was cheaper. I also have an aunty here in which made it even more appealing as she could help me to settle in.

What were your first impressions of Adelaide?

It’s a very organised city with excellent public transport. It’s easy to get around without confusion, and I felt like I got to know the lifestyle in Adelaide very quickly. It’s also very affordable. The living costs were a big part of my decision to come to Adelaide. It’s nice to know that I can put more money towards my education because my rent and public transport costs are much cheaper than in other cities.

How have you balanced studying with part-time work?

I used to work and study at the same time, and I found I had plenty of time to study. In Adelaide, you can work and study and still have time to socialise. I have friends in Sydney who complain that they have to work so much they don’t have time to study, but I haven’t found that here. It’s the best place in Australia to do a university degree in my experience. I’ve been to three other cities, but I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Tell me about your internship at the New Venture Institute at Flinders University.

As part of my MBA studies, I took on an optional subject which was an internship at the New Venture Institute. I did this because I wanted to gain Australian work experience. I worked in a team responsible for a start-up event in 2015. It was an entrepreneurship competition sort of like Shark Tank. I worked on marketing, event logistics and organising the participants. Because of this experience, I was able to find a casual job as an event organiser at the Flinders University Student Association.

What’s next for you in Adelaide?

I’ve decided to stay because I love it here. I’ve adopted Adelaide as my second home, and I’m a permanent resident now. I came here with clear objectives, and I’m already halfway through with my education. Now, I want to build my career here in Adelaide. I’d like to stand out as an example for other international students. But it doesn’t just come to you. A tree doesn’t grow overnight. It happens with time and experience. That’s why I’m working hard towards to achieve the goals I want in life. I came here as a boy, and now I’m happily growing up as a man in Adelaide.

What would you say to students thinking about coming to Adelaide to study?

Get yourself out there. Be sure to attend orientation week and make use of the many opportunities your university offers.  Also, seek out networks and experience by joining in with volunteering or internships. These will help you grow personally and professionally.

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