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2017 Academic Excellence: Pathways Awards

Without the scores or qualifications for direct entry into university, there are many pathway options available for you. The winners in the pathways category took charge of their success and achieved their goals of studying at university. We invited them to share their stories.

Winner: Yingdong Yang from China

Studying: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)(Chemical) at The University of Adelaide

Determination and hard work pays off

Yindong has always wanted to study chemical engineering, so when he didn’t meet the prerequisites for direct entry into university, he didn’t let that stop him.

He chose to complete the Foundation Studies Program at the University of Adelaide College, which he says, ‘gave me the essential experience of what it would be like to study at university.’

Yingdong worked hard to bring his grades up and was awarded Dux, and received several Honour Roll notations from his teachers.

As a result of his hard work and focus, Yingdong is studying in the chemical engineering program at the University of Adelaide.

What inspired you to choose a study pathway in Adelaide?

I knew I wanted to be a chemical engineer and that the University of Adelaide was a prestigious place to study. I had heard from online that Adelaide was a good place to live with cheaper costs and a peaceful lifestyle than other bigger cities.

What was the best advice you received along your study pathway?

My father told me, ‘the most important thing to do is study.’ But, my mother said, ‘life should be more important than just study.’

So I followed both pieces of advice. I focused on hard work with my studies but also got involved in many student events and activities to meet new friends and gain another view of this diverse world.

Describe what receiving this award means to you

I was excited and quite surprised. I’m just an ordinary person, working hard to achieve my success. I didn’t think I would win such an award.

What’s one interesting thing you’ve done since living in Adelaide?

I really liked getting involved with Conservation Volunteers and working on their Patawalonga Creek project to protect native vegetation from invading weeds.

Highly Commended: Lily Liviani from Indonesia

Studying: Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Adelaide

After finishing her ‘Ordinary’ Level Cambridge Certificate (Year 11 equivalent) in Singapore, Lily decided to apply to the University of Adelaide College (UoAC) to improve her academic performance and provide a pathway to university studies.

At first, Lily found adapting to life in Adelaide a little challenging. She decided that ‘bravery and boldness were needed’, so she introduced herself to her classmates, making new friends and participating in college activities.

She also worked hard to improve her grades, achieving marks she thought were impossible. She overcame her limits and accomplished her goal to study at the University of Adelaide, receiving two top subject awards from UoAC.

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