Celebrating Australia Day like an Aussie

Australia Day is a day communities across the nation come together in parties, fireworks and celebrations. If you’re in Adelaide and are wondering how to celebrate, our student ambassador Suzy has some tips to help you celebrate this day the Aussie way!

1. Lots of food and drink

An Aussie barbie! Nothing says Australia Day like a little barbecue (or barbie – as they call it!). The Aussie barbecue experience can be very different. For example, they have something called a sausage sizzle. A sausage sizzle is where you have white bread with butter, tomato sauce, and a sausage (sometimes caramelised onion too). Lamb chops are also quite commonly put on the barbie, especially with some rosemary, olive oil and garlic. Mmm… delicious!

A tim-tam slam! Tim Tam’s are Australia’s much-loved chocolate coated biscuit treats! Grab a hot drink (coffee, tea or hot chocolate – your choice), take a small bite on two corners of your Tim Tam, and use it as a straw.. When it becomes nice and soft, “slam” it into your mouth and enjoy the moist, chocolatey goodness!

Make Pavlova. A Pavlova is a giant, fluffy meringue topped with sweet cream and fruits. If you’d like to try and make one yourself, check out Maggie Beer’s perfect summer pavlova recipe here.

2. Have fun at a Street Parade

Australia Day in the City is a major public event to celebrate Australia Day in South Australia. Over 40,000 people rush into the city to enjoy a street parade, concert and fireworks each year. The event in held in the heart of Adelaide in Elder Park, and kicks off from 6pm onwards!

3. Put the cricket on

It is a must to have the cricket on the television. Even if you don’t watch it, it’s just something to have on in the background. You can just scurry into the lounge with everyone else when the crowd cheers.

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