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2017 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Awards

With big ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit, the winners in the entrepreneurship and innovation category are using their skills to fill gaps in the market by bringing people new ways to find information and new ways to eat. We invited them to share their stories.

Winner: Xing Liu from China

Studying: Master of Accounting and Marketing at The University of Adelaide

Helping students achieve their overseas study dreams

When Xing was researching for her overseas study, she came across a minefield of confusing information and thought there could be a better way to let students know what they needed to know.

With a background as a TOEFL reading teacher and a growing fascination with how social media connects people, Xing developed a Wechat platform named LXfactory to help Chinese students prepare for overseas study.

Tell me about LXfactory

LXfactory is a place where Chinese students, who want to study overseas, can come to learn about English language requirements, study opportunities, and what it’s like to live and study in a foreign country.

The channel has been building for over two years, and I’m pleased to have accumulated over 10,000 followers and page view stats that are higher than average in the education and training sector.

What inspired you to create LXfactory?

I found looking for information on studying abroad overwhelming. Most Chinese students want to study overseas and I want to provide an affordable, effective and more efficient way for them to access the information and make a decision.

Describe what receiving this award means to you

It means that I’ve been recognised by the international student community. Being awarded for what I’m doing in a new culture and place is wonderful!

What’s next for LXfactory?

It’s been a great start, and I’d like to build the channel further. I might look to invite content submissions from other contributors, offering reading programs, and provide guidance on issues such as mental health.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Adelaide?

The blue sky is so impressive! There’s no smog, and the weather and clear skies always put me in a happy mood. I also love the coffee and brunch culture here, which I’ve not experienced before.

Highly Commended: Daniel Han Kin Juan from Singapore

Studying: Bachelor of Business (Food Entrepreneurship) at Le Cordon Bleu

Daniel developed his love of cooking during his service in the Singapore Army and went on to complete a culinary cooking qualification and work as a chef. Now he is in Adelaide to expand his food production knowledge.

During his studies, Daniel has been developing a new ready-meal product, the Master Han “Belly Good” Crispy Pork Belly. It allows home cooks to recreate restaurant quality pork belly with crackling in just 15 minutes.

He’s developed the product with painstaking research and made the recipe for friends and colleagues, receiving positive feedback. He even had the opportunity to showcase his product to iconic Australian food personality, Maggie Beer.

Daniel knows that the product has real market potential and hopes to develop it further after his studies. Maybe one day soon we’ll see the Master Han “Belly Good” Crispy Pork Belly on supermarket shelves.

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