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Well, it’s that time of year again – exams are coming up! From books to papers to presentations and everything else in between, my classmates and friends are so busy that they don’t have time to think about anything else. To help you get through exams week easily (like a piece of cake), I have listed a few of my tips! Start planning ahead now, and the next few weeks will be a breeze.

1. Keep your energy

Fresh fruits and vegetables are easy to prepare, and are high in fibre – so they’ll keep you feeling fuller longer! It’s also easy to slip an apple or a banana into your bag and eat it on the go. Whatever you do, remember not to skip meals (even if you feel like you’re too busy to eat). If you are hungry, you will be less productive and won’t be able to concentrate. So, setting aside a half hour or so to nourish yourself will actually save you time in the end!

Exercise is also essential! It’s is a great way to work out your frustrations – plus, is essential for becoming and staying healthy. I know that it is easy to stress out during exams, however, leave your books and notes there and give yourself a break – with gym, swimming or maybe just walking around the campus. I am certain that you will feel more relaxed, and will feel less stressed.

2. Make a schedule – and stick to it!

Hopefully all of you have one by now, but if you don’t… get a planner! I have a weekly planner that I would be totally lost without, especially during exams week. I usually have a lot going, so if I didn’t write everything down, I’d never be able to keep on top of everything.

If you already have a planner, make an effort to plan your exams study schedule ahead of time. Focus on your due dates and exam times, so that you can set aside time to study and get everything accomplished before the last minute. It is never a good idea to try to cram all the information into your mind in a short time frame, because you probably aren’t going to retain most of it.

Planning out exactly what you are doing and when will keep you from feeling overwhelmed – though, of course, this only works if you actually stick to it!

3. Say NO to distractions

If your living arrangement distracts you, try heading to your local library – or a coffee shop or your institution, to get your work done. Try turning off your cell phone, leave your iPad at home, and focus on whatever it is you have to accomplish, not on the people sitting next to you.

4. Rest, rest and rest!

Finally, be sure to set aside at least six or seven hours – ideally eight – in your schedule to shut your eyes. Sleep deprivation leads to things like memory loss, inability to concentrate, headaches, and increased stress levels, all of which are things you most definitely want to avoid during exams week!

Over to you

What are some of your tips to get through the exam session?

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