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Hang’s Story: A taste of studying in Adelaide

When high school student Hang Nguyen won the StudyAdelaide English Language Student Competition in Vietnam, she won a trip to Adelaide to take English classes.

We spoke to Hang to find out about her Adelaide experience.

What was your first impression of Adelaide?

My father and I felt so welcomed by Adelaide. The delightful summer weather and the wonderful people we encountered.

My memories of Adelaide started well and continued with happiness throughout our trip.

Describe what you think it would be like to study in Adelaide.

I loved my chance to study in Adelaide. I always looked forward to my morning English classes at the South Australian College of English. The learning environment was filled with so many international friends.

I saw a wonderful perspective of life as a student in Adelaide as we toured the University of Adelaide, Flinders University, UniSA and TAFE SA. Each was a prestigious place of education with a unique offering and state-of-the-art facilities for students. I was amazed at each campus I set foot on.

The Vietnamese student ambassadors from StudyAdelaide were so friendly and showed us so much of what Adelaide can offer students looking for international education.

What fun things did you do while you were in Adelaide?

So much! I was lucky to be in Adelaide for the Australia Day holiday and experienced the vibrant parade, concert and fireworks. This exhibition gave me such a sense of Adelaide as an inclusive and multicultural city.

My father and I also explored the magnificent Mount Lofty and the lovely Henley Beach. From strawberry picking, to a huge satisfying lunch, to a pleasant stroll through the beautiful village of Hahndorf, my father and I knew that this trip could not be more perfect.

Did you feel homesick when you were in Adelaide?

No, not at all. Adelaide felt a lot like my hometown, Da Nang city. Adelaide is a small city like my home, and the two cities resemble each other in many ways.

My father and I were showered with kindness and friendliness, which made it such a great trip. I am sure it also helped my father to see that study overseas is safe, fun and delivers exceptional education.

I would like to sincerely thank StudyAdelaide for the marvellous opportunity. The only three words I can use to describe my trip to Adelaide is, beyond all expectations.

We will never forget our Adelaide experience.

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