Life in Adelaide

Some of the common questions asked about living in Adelaide.

Adelaide is one of Australia’s most affordable capital cities.

It also has one of the lowest average rent in the country. 

With lower rent, food and public transport costs than most major Australian cities, you’ll be able to afford more of the wonderful lifestyle that Australia has to offer.

On average, students might spend AUD $350 to $500 per week on living expenses, including accommodation, food, transport, and leisure activities. However, this can vary based on your lifestyle and spending habits.

In Adelaide, you'll be able to enjoy various types of student accommodation based on your lifestyle.

You can choose from options including university residences, private rentals, shared apartments and homestay programs.

Prices vary, but on-campus housing and shared rentals are often popular for their affordability and convenience.

Adelaide has a comprehensive public transportation system, including buses, trains and trams. 

Students can also benefit from discounted fares with a concession MetroCard. Many central areas are also easily accessible by walking or cycling.

Public transport throughout the central business district is free.

Adelaide experiences a Mediterranean climate. Summers (December to February) are hot and dry, while winters (June to August) are mild and wet.

Adelaide is considered one of the safest cities in Australia. However, like any city, it's important to take general safety precautions, especially at night.

Students on a student visa are typically required to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of their stay. This ensures access to medical and hospital care when needed. Adelaide has numerous clinics and hospitals accessible to students.