Neha’s Story: from India to Adelaide

Meet Neha Diwan who recently joined the StudyAdelaide team.

What brought you to Adelaide?

I have never imagined myself living overseas, but love makes you do many wonderful things! I recently got married and moved to Adelaide to be with my husband. I was initially very nervous when I was considering moving to Adelaide. Coming from Delhi, a massive city, I always imagined that cities in Australia would also be very busy. But after arriving in Adelaide, I was very surprised to see that it is completely opposite to what I imagined. The quality of life is great, and there is always something to do!

What are some of the cultural differences you’ve noticed?

The people here are very welcoming, warm and friendly. For example, when I get on the bus everyday, the bus driver smiles and greets you. Even when I walk into a coffee shop or any retail stores, the staff are very happy and welcoming, which is very different. I am learning something new everyday, and with the people this friendly, getting used to the Australian culture will be a lot easier than I imagined.

What is your favourite thing to do on weekends?

I have a very strong interest in sports – particularly badminton, cycling and running. Every evening, I ride my bicycle to the beach (which is only 15 minutes away) to watch the beautiful sunset. I have also been busy exploring various tourism attractions in South Australia, including Victor Harbor, Clare Valley and the Barossa.

Have you learnt any Aussie slang words?

Yep, plenty! For example: Maccas (McDonalds), far out (shocking), knackered (tired), barbie (barbeque) and flat out (busy)!


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