Public Transport in Adelaide

Adelaide has a very basic – but easy to navigate! – transport system. Whether you are hopping on a tram or bike to explore the city or its surrounds; catching a train to university or a bus to a suburban shopping centre, keep reading for a run down of Adelaide’s public transport…


First, you will need a MetroCard. A MetroCard is your public transport ticket, which allows you a seat on the bus, train or tram. If you are a full time tertiary or post secondary student, you are eligible for concession fares! Don’t forget to carry your valid student ID when you travel.

Either purchase a single ticket with cash or buy a MetroCard which allows you to put ‘credit’ on it so it works out cheaper. Tickets and MetroCards can be purchased and recharged at Adelaide Metro InfoCentres, online as well as supermarkets, newsagents and convenience stores.

Bonus: Adelaide Metro has a phone app which tells you real time travel information like how far away your bus is. You can also visit Adelaide Metro for timetables and maps here.


If you are looking to travel around Adelaide and throughout the suburbs, buses are the best way to go.

Catching a bus is easy as one, two, three. One – you wait at the bus stop, located on the side of the road. Two – you stick your hand out as the bus approaches, to signal the bus driver to stop for you. Three – hop on, pay with money or validate your card, and away you go!

Buses are frequent between Monday and Friday (expect around a 15 minute wait time) and less frequent on a Saturday or Sunday.

Bonus: The city and North Adelaide offers a free City Connector bus service (98A, 98C, 99A & 99C).


All aboard! The train is an efficient and quick way to get around. Adelaide has six train lines – Belair, Gawler, Tonsley, Grange, Seaford and Outer Harbor, along with the main station – Adelaide Railway Station, located in the city.


In the city and want to go to the beach? Or at the beach and want to go to the city? The tram is your best bet. There is only one tram line in Adelaide, which runs from the Adelaide Entertainment Centre (near the city) to Glenelg (near the beach).

Bonus: The tram is FREE from the Adelaide Entertainment Centre to South Terrace and between Brighton Rd and Moseley Square, Glenelg.


Hop on a bicycle for a fun (and energetic!) way to explore Adelaide. You can hire a bicycle from various Bike SA locations dotted around Adelaide. Bicycles can only be used during daylight hours and you will need to bring a valid passport or Australian proof of age card to hire one.

Bonus: It’s free and you’ll also get in some ‘wheel-y’ great exercise!

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