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2017 Special Commendation

As she finishes her Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science and moves into her Honours studies, we congratulate Santhni Subramaniam for her incredible achievements in her academic studies, her research work and her significant volunteering efforts.

Santhni Subramaniam from Malaysia

Studying: Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science at University of South Australia (UniSA)

During her time in Adelaide, Santhni has dedicated herself to academic excellence, and to giving back to her community through volunteering.

With her sights set on becoming a career researcher, Santhni is pursuing Honours study next year and working with prominent researchers on projects across varying technologies and subjects.

Study Adelaide congratulates Santhni on her commitment to her academic success, her research future, and her volunteering efforts. She is the deserving recipient of the Special Commendation in the award for the 2017 International Student of the Year.

Tell me more about your life in Adelaide

I love living in Adelaide. It’s such a well-balanced life here. I can walk to my university campus, and there’s always something to do on the weekends. With lots of small and large events on all the time there’s always something fun to do. I enjoyed the Adelaide Festival of Ideas and Open State.

I also love getting to the beach to watch the sunset and enjoy an ice cream. It’s so peaceful and easy to get there and back after classes.


What’s been your biggest challenge while studying in Adelaide?

Adapting to a new education system was hard. You always think you’re not good enough, with lots of self-doubts. Having the support of my university community helped, and I made friends quickly through group assignments and other activities.

What advice would you give to students considering studying in Adelaide?

Adelaide is such a multicultural city, you will learn not only about Australian culture but also about so many other cultures. And you’ll meet many lovely people. Never be afraid and don’t put yourself down. Try new things and accept new challenges. Explore, and take everything as a new learning opportunity!

What’s next for you?

I intend to study Honours as there are great research teams and quality research groups in Adelaide. I’d love the opportunity to study for my PhD here too!

Santhni was also the winner in the Academic Excellence: Undergraduate category. Read more about Santhni’s academic success here.

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