Last updated: 22 January 2022

Adelaide is a vibrant, multicultural city and a beautiful place to live.

To help you settle in and learn more about student life in Adelaide, read our information about support services, medical services, where to shop and where to explore.

Student Support Services and Groups

If you need support while you’re living in Adelaide, there are a range of services available to help.

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Medical Services

Australia's health care system provides a wide range of services that are available for you. Learn how to see a doctor, where your closest hospital is and more here.

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Taking Care of Yourself

Taking time for self-care is really important, especially when you are a student. Taking just a few minutes each day for yourself can help reduce anxiety, stress, loneliness and boost your wellbeing. Learn more.

Personal Safety

Adelaide is one of the safest cities in Australia, but it’s important to be aware of your personal safety and to protect yourself and your property. Learn more here.

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Adelaide is known as the 20 minute city – it only takes 20 minutes to walk, cycle or travel anywhere! What’s more, it is well serviced by trains, trams, buses – and even free bikes and scooters. Find out more about getting around Adelaide here.

Staying Connected

Once you’ve arrived in Adelaide, you’ll want to keep in touch with family and friends back home. Read more here.

Adelaide Attractions

Adelaide is home to beautiful beaches, green park lands, breath taking views and there is always something new to see and do! Learn more about Adelaide's top city attractions and the best places to visit.

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Exploring South Australia

Get an authentic Australian experience by exploring during your time in Adelaide and South Australia. Learn more about where you should visit.

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Staying Active

With a range of programs, facilities and sporting teams for you to enjoy, it’s easy for you to keep fit and active in Adelaide. Learn how you can stay fit and active here.

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People of all religions are free to worship in Australia. Search for a local church, mosque temple or other places of worship here.


From fresh food markets to every day shopping centres and malls, you'll find shopping easy and affordable in Adelaide. Learn more about shopping here.

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Student Stories

Hear from international students about living and studying in Adelaide.

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