World-class biomedical education in Adelaide

When Jaeyoon (Daniel) Kim moved from South Korea to Adelaide to study a Master of Engineering Science (Biomedical) at Flinders University, he found a world-class education and a wonderful city to live in. Daniel chose Adelaide because he knew the high-quality facilities and teachers at Flinders University would allow him to engage with leading research undertaken at the university’s Tonsley campus.

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International student Daniel from South Korea

Why did you choose to study in Adelaide?

I came to Adelaide because Flinders University has a good curriculum for biomedical engineering. It has a good reputation for research. There is also the Flinders Medical Centre on campus at Bedford Park. In addition, there is a biomedical research centre at Tonsley. So, there were lots of reasons to choose Flinders University.

How do you find life in Adelaide?

Adelaide is much more affordable than other cities in Australia. The accessibility of the beaches is one of the reasons I chose to study here as well.

Why did you want to study biomedical engineering?

I can help people in many ways with the machines I design. My course is about biomedical instrumentation and medical devices that can assist people in various ways.

I would like to work as a biomedical engineer who can develop and maintain medical devices. If it’s possible, I would love to work with patients who need assistive technologies.

You love doing practical, hands-on learning in laboratories. Tell us how combining practicals with theory and lectures helps you with your studies.

Since most of the topics have practicals or laboratories, it makes me more excited to learn and motivates me to participate in many activities. I’ve learnt more about the topics in a practical way.

Your campus is in the Tonsley Innovation District alongside world-class research centres, leading businesses and the entrepreneurial New Venture Institute. What’s it like studying in that environment?

I love coming to Tonsley. The facilities are magnificent, and the building is almost brand new. There are all the things I need to study. And the main campus and library are only 10 minutes away at Bedford Park.

What advice would you give to students considering studying in Adelaide?

When it comes to the accomplishments of study, there is a lot of research going on, so you will get a great chance to participate with it.

If you’re looking for a friendly, welcoming environment, you should choose to study at Flinders.

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