StudyAdelaide Mentor Program

The StudyAdelaide mentoring program will help you settle into life in Adelaide by matching you with an experienced international student who will give you lots of advice about studying in Australia. Keep reading to find out how you can benefit from our FREE mentoring program.

Why did you set up the StudyAdelaide student mentoring program?

We set the student mentoring program up to help new international students (just like you) settle into life in Adelaide. While Adelaide is an easy city to get to know, it’s always a little overwhelming when you arrive in a new place, so we want to offer you as much support as we can. It’s the first international student mentoring program offered by StudyAdelaide, and we’ve already helped a bunch of international students find their way in their new home.

How does it work?

When you join our student mentoring program, we’ll match you with a mentor who is an international student already living and studying in Adelaide. They’ll contact you before you leave your home country to answer any questions you have about your move to Australia. Once you get here, your mentor will be available to you to help you settle in during your first couple of months. They’ll meet with you to discuss any concerns or question you have and help you find your way around town and around your campus (and they’ll be able to tell you where to get the best coffee).

How will having a student mentor help me?

There are lots of ways having a student mentor can help you settle into life in Adelaide.

  • You’ll settle in quicker, so you can concentrate on your studies sooner
  • You’ll get to know your campus and find out ‘insider’ information about where to go and who to ask when you have a problem
  • Your mentor is also an international student, so they understand what it’s like to be in your shoes and they can help you with information and guidance that is the most useful for you
  • Where possible, we’ll find you a mentor who understands your nationality, language and customs, so they can easily talk with you and relate to your concerns or questions
  • Your mentor can help you make the most of the other support that StudyAdelaide offers including events, resources and information, all there to help you succeed as a student in Adelaide

I need a mentor! How can I sign up?

The StudyAdelaide student mentoring program is easy to join, and it’s free of charge. You can visit the mentoring page on our website to register. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll find a mentor that best suits your nationality, language, university or institution and course of study. Once we’ve found your mentor, they’ll get in touch to give you advice and guidance to help prepare you for your life studying in Adelaide.

I’m an international student already in Adelaide, how can I be a mentor to new students?

Awesome! We’re always looking for mentors to help new students when they arrive in Adelaide. If you’d like to apply email the mentor coordinator at, and we’ll consider you for the next round of our mentor intake.

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