Tips for an Internship

Internships are a way to gain work experience, and in conjunction with studies are a great way to use your new knowledge and skills in the real world. An internship while studying can be a critical step in an international student’s life, not just for your career, but also to help you appreciate and learn about the Australian workplace culture.

Having recently completed my internship in Adelaide, here are some tips that I hope will help you.

1. Do the hard work

You need to do the hard work and have the enthusiasm to succeed in your career of choice. Your institution won’t come to you with a request for an internship! You will need to:

  • be proactive
  • make an appointment to speak to the career service centre in your institution to gain information and support for an internship
  • attend events and workshops organised by the career service team
  • specify your areas of interest and apply for internship programs relevant to your career or study.

2. Build your network

It is important to make friends while studying, but it is equally as important to network. You will learn more about the local culture, and establish contacts with professionals in the Australian workplace. These networks may may assist you in gaining an internships through a private and government organisation.

Start networking at sporting events and social engagements. You never know who you might form a relationship with and what opportunities may come your way. I got one of my internships through networking at an international student cricket match!

3. Communicate

While involved in an internship, it is important to keep communication channels open between you and your manager.

You won’t be expected to have the answers for everything straight away, so feel free to ask questions. Enthusiasm, perseverance and communication will show that you are eager to learn, and you will make the most of out of the program. And who knows what could happen next!

Over to you

What are your tips on gaining an internship as an international student in Adelaide?

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