Top 3 Places to Enjoy Spring

An Adelaide Spring is full of exciting things to see – from the tiniest bud on a tree to beautiful blossoms, flowers and birds. There is a lot to appreciate outdoors at this time of year. To help you get started in exploring Adelaide, I’ve listed below my top three picks of places to see this season:

1. Hallett Cove Beach

One of Australia’s most outstanding geological and archaeological sites, you won’t want to miss Hallet Cove Conservation Park in an Adelaide Spring.

In addition to the beautiful beach, there is also clifftop boardwalk along the rocky coastline between Marino and Hallett Cove. The walking distance is around 5.1 kilometre and is a good route to walk if you want to keep fit. There are numerous sets of stairs descending and ascending the numerous steep gullies which cut through the cliffs.

Explore the boardwalks and trails, and take in the spectacular views of Gulf St Vincent.

2. Carrick Hill

Carrick Hill is a significant South Australian cultural tourism attraction. It is one of my favourite destinations with something for everyone to appreciate with scenic views and beautiful gardens to stroll through.

There is a delightful Story Book Trail that will take you a short walk through Carrick Hill’s parkland. The trail is designed for you to explore and discover the natural world, with your classic children’s tales to encourage the imagination.

Carrick Hill is a great adventure for everyone!

3. Mount Lofty Botanic Garden

Located in the Adelaide Hills, there is always something new to discover at Mount Lofty Botanic Garden. The Garden is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and enjoy its beauty and serenity, especially after a long day of studying!

Over to you

What is your favourite thing to do during an Adelaide Spring?

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