Why Easter is the best time for camping

Besides loooots of chocolate – and maybe an Easter bunny or two – Easter time can only mean one thing… A four-day holiday! (That should actually read: a four day holiday camping.)

You see, lots of people in South Australia take this opportunity to go camping (and eat a LOT of chocolate), usually at one of the scenic National Parks (view the complete list here.) Why? Because it’s a cheap and cheerful getaway!

There are also plenty of caravan parks – an area where caravans (camper homes or RVs) can be parked and tents can be pitched. Some even have cabins, like a mini hotel room and shared camp kitchens or barbecues (it’s a great way to make new friends!)

But before you drive off to the nearest park (National or caravan) read on for our helpful camping tips, so you can camp like an Aussie ‘champ’…

Invest in good camping gear

To ensure you have a comfortable holiday, invest in good camping gear – even better, see if you can borrow some! Items like a waterproof tent, warm sleeping bag, blow up mattress and lots of lighting are essential for any camping trip.

Various camping stores in Adelaide sell camping gear. While the range can be overwhelming (did you know sleeping bags are sold according to the bag rating, temperature, weight and performance?), a professional in store can help you buy the right camping gear.

Upfront costs might be a bit expensive however once you have all the camping essentials, you can use them again (and again!). Alternatively, buying second hand items from Gumtree might be a cheaper option.

Make a list of food and drink

Depending on where you go, there might be convenience stores close by. If not, take food that is easy to prepare (or make it before you go!) and cook over a barbecue or portable cook top.

Sausages, potatoes and pasta are good and easy options for dinner. Lunch and breakfast require less effort, so pack sandwiches for lunch and cereal for breakfast. Don’t forget to pack a kettle to boil water in for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. And snacks… Lots of snacks!

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Research the place where you are setting up camp. This will allow you to prepare activities or options ahead of time. Do they have a local jetty to go fishing? Walking trails for day hikes? Beach to swim at? Also check the weather beforehand, as this will also help you determine what to pack.

What to pack:

  • First Aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Sleeping gear – air mattress, pillow, sleeping bag
  • Camping gear – tent, table, barbecue
  • Warm clothes for night, day clothes and beach wear
  • Food, water and an esky
  • A sense of adventure!

Happy camping!

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