Winter in Adelaide – cold but cosy

Tips for a cosy winter and learning to love it when the temperature drops

Imagine it’s Monday morning, and your week of study is just beginning. As usual, you’re still sleepy, but now winter is coming and it’s starting to get cold! Lots of international students aren’t used to the cold winters we experience in Adelaide.

Here are some tips for coping with the cold, and learning to love the beauty of a winter in Adelaide.

Be weather aware

In an Adelaide winter, the average temperature is between 8-16°C, and frosts are common in the Adelaide Hills. In the winter months from June to August, the sun goes down just after 5pm.

Knowledge is power. The most important tool in your winter arsenal is awareness. Remember to:

  • check the weather forecast before going out
  • take note of extreme weather warnings
  • have a backup plan for outdoor events or meetups.

Winter clothing

More clothing is the obvious answer to cold weather. Be sure to:

  • wear lots of layers like sweaters and jackets, so you can cool down and warm up as you go in and out of heated area
  • wear a hat, gloves and a scarf
  • wear appropriate shoes to keep your feet warm. Boots are a good choice.

You can prepare your winter gear before you arrive, or try some Adelaide shopping. My favourites for clothing are Supre (girls only), Kmart and Target. They’re stylish and affordable, and have some great bargains in their sales.

Diet and exercise

Hot beverages and nourishing hot food are comforting and help keep your temperature up. Swap an icy drink for the warmth of a hot chocolate, tea or coffee.

When it comes to exercise, remove some of your clothing layers first or you will get sweaty and uncomfortable. A run or a brisk walk with friends could be just what you need to shake the winter cold.

Heating your home

You’ll need some sort of home heating during winter. You can buy a small heater from $AU15-40. To keep electricity costs down, try:

  • closing doors to rooms not in use
  • heating just a few rooms well
  • putting plenty of warm blankets on your bed
  • wearing warm clothes and slippers around the house.

These tips should help you to keep warm and cosy during the cold Adelaide winter. Remember, you can always get warm by hugging a friend!

Over to you

How do you stay warm on a student budget? Share your tips for learning to love the Adelaide winter.

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